Wife Fucked a Cucumber

Wife Fucked a Cucumber

Here is a really good sexy wife story:

This morning, my wife was at the grocery store and sent me a text asking about any fruit I wanted.  I wrote back, “I dare you to just buy one cucumber.”

Our conversation went like this:

  • Fun Husband: “I dare you to just buy one cucumber.
  • Wife: “I like cucumbers”
  • Fun Husband: “Get you a big one.”
  • Wife: “OK” 
  • Wife: “then sent a picture of all the cumbers” 
  • Wife: “Lots of big ones to chose from”
  • Fun Husband: “Girth vs Length”
  • Wife: “They are all pretty much the same girth.”
  • Fun Husband: “Get one you like.” “Those all look pretty damn big.”

Nothing else until she got home and we unpacked the groceries.

Sure enough, there was one huge cucumber.  We joked about it, but went on about our business. After seeing how big it was, I told her that I didn’t think we had the same thing in mind for the cucumber.  I really never thought she would do it, just spending a few bucks to live out the joke.

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