Wife Fucked a Cucumber

Wife Fucked a Cucumber

Here is a really good sexy wife story:

This morning, my wife was at the grocery store and sent me a text asking about any fruit I wanted.  I wrote back, “I dare you to just buy one cucumber.”

Our conversation went like this:

  • Fun Husband: “I dare you to just buy one cucumber.
  • Wife: “I like cucumbers”
  • Fun Husband: “Get you a big one.”
  • Wife: “OK” 
  • Wife: “then sent a picture of all the cumbers” 
  • Wife: “Lots of big ones to chose from”
  • Fun Husband: “Girth vs Length”
  • Wife: “They are all pretty much the same girth.”
  • Fun Husband: “Get one you like.” “Those all look pretty damn big.”

Nothing else until she got home and we unpacked the groceries.

Sure enough, there was one huge cucumber.  We joked about it, but went on about our business. After seeing how big it was, I told her that I didn’t think we had the same thing in mind for the cucumber.  I really never thought she would do it, just spending a few bucks to live out the joke.

Flash forward about an hour and we are laying on the bed watching TV with the kids coming in an out bother us, or keeping us from “bothering” each other in a good way.  I told her that I would make a deal with her. I would take the kids on an errand, leave her on the bed with the cucumber and whatever happens, happens. As long as I could set up the camera to record.  She never lets me record anything, so I figure she would just think I was disgusting and go about her business. But, however, she said “OK.”

While she got up and talked to the kids, I set up my camera on the TV stand where it could see the whole bed.    She came back and laid down on the bed and I told her we were leaving. I turned the camera on and shut the bedroom door.

I got the kids on the way out the door and started getting everything in the car, including kids who wanted to go back and get sunglasses and this and that. They couldn’t.

It didn’t seem like very long, but was actually about six minutes, the wife walks outside with an “I’m done” look on her face.  I said, “already.”   Wow.  We cancelled the trip and I went back in to turn the camera off and upload it to my computer.

The whole video lasted just over six minutes so I thought she had not done the deed, but was just playing around with me. I watched the video and here how it went:

  • Start until 38 seconds –  Still laying on the bed watching tv.  Probably how long it took us to get out of the house.
  • 39 seconds until 2 minutes. – She got up left the room and there was nothing going on in the bedroom.
  • 2 minutes – She walks back in view, lays down on the bed with no pants but a vibrator and cucumber in her hands.
  • 2 minutes – 2 min 14 seconds – gets situation, spread eagle, puts the cucumber down and starts touching the vibrator on her clit.
  • 2 min 15 – 2 min 40 seconds – just masturbates with the vibrator on her clit.
  • 2 minutes 40 seconds – reaches for the lube kept by the bed for just such occasions.
  • 2 min 40 seconds to 3 minutes – lubes her self and starts back with the vibrator
  • 3 minutes 18 seconds –  grabs the cucumber and moves it towards her crotch. Keeping the vibrator on her clit, she plays “just the tip” with the cucumber until about 3 minutes 45 seconds.  She is starting to thrust and move her hips a little bit to get it a little further in.   At this point, she is holding it about half way up the cucumber and her hand doesn’t reach all the way around it.  It is huge.
  • 3 min 45 seconds – Throws her head back and her legs up in the air. Starts working it in a little bit at a time. Lots of wiggling and thrusting with her hips.
  • 3 minutes 58 seconds –  A little more in and out movement with the cucumber.
  • 4 minutes 11 seconds –  about 5 inches goes in one full stroke and comes all the way out.
  • 4 minutes 11 seconds to 4 minutes 28 seconds –  in and out. She is now really fucking herself with about half of a really big cucumber.
  • 4 minutes 28 seconds – she changes her hand position to around the cumber, but at the end.  She is getting more inside on every stroke.
  • 4 minutes 38 seconds – moves her hand to the top and is now pushing it in about 3/4 on each stroke.  This is probably about 10 inches inside.
  • 4 minutes 38 seconds –  4 minutes 45 seconds –  Picking up the in and out pace –  lots of hip wiggling and thrusting.
  • 4 minutes 45 seconds – Orgasm starts –  she stops moving it, but is holding the cucumber inside her as her hips start contracting.
  • 4 minutes 54 – Orgasm still going – head pops ups as her body contracts.
  • 4 minutes 57 seconds – head falls back – body relaxes -
  • 4 minutes 58 seconds –  she grabs the end of the cucumber and pulls it out –  great shot – amazing how far inside it was.  Then turns the vibrator off and gets up at 5 minutes 10 seconds.
  • 5 minutes and 10 seconds –  gets up and walks out of the picture.

It was pretty incredible and only last a few minutes.  I am astonished,  that was one of the sexiest things I have seen inside of my house. The whole masturbation only took 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

After I watched it about 9 or 10 times, I told her how awesome it was. I wanted to fuck her.  She said that she “thought her job was done for the day, but I could stick it in if I wanted.”   I did, but I don’t think she felt it.

I didn’t really learn anything because I already knew my wife was sexual and have seen her masturbate hundreds of times. Heck, I have any seen her fuck another man in front of me, but this was new and incredibly exciting.

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